Artist Statement

 For me painting is not a job. It is a passion. It is a spiritual and emotional journey with an endless pursuit to fulfill the creative urge that resides within me.  I take pleasure in painting beautiful abstracts just for the simplistic act of sharing something beautiful with the world.  I feel even if in the smallest of ways I spend my time creating and sharing beauty then I have contributed something of value to existence.   

When I paint I paint instinctively and in some unconscious way that I cannot explain. Emil Nolde said it best “The artist need not know very much; best of all let him work instinctively and paint as naturally as he breathes or walks.”  

I study nature, works of art, colors, emotions, and the very essence of life. Each painting is an evolved creation of years spent studying, practicing, experimenting, learning, thinking, planning, redefining, understanding, and submerging myself into a perpetual state of creativity. When I paint a painting I want it to breath a life all its own. Every painting is unique. Every painting I paint is done with great passion and a true love for the creative process.

Art is just as much about what you feel as what you see.  My hope is others find emotion, inspiration, and beauty in my art. I feel as though I have truly succeeded when others connect with my art and have an emotional response. The aim is to represent one’s innocent desire to create, revel in the imagination, and express oneself by creating a work of art.